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    MA Musée d'art

    Rouyn-Noranda, QC

    December 8, 2017 - February 18, 2017


    Equipoise explores the relationship between the body and technology. A digital MRI scan of a spine, biological matter has been translated into GCode to be processed and translated back into fragmented and inorganic plastic versions of it’s original form, the vertebrae. DNA becomes data, data becomes plastic. Existing once as raw biological data, captured and processed, Equipoise is rendered as a mutated closed circulatory system. Here, physical and technological identities are in constant flux as we slowly merge with the machine that regenerates and repairs us.

    "Chelsea Greenwell's artistic research looks at the natural world through digital platforms, questioning the complex relationship humanity has established with nature... Greenwell's current art practice, which involves digital sculpture, is influenced by bio-art and presents itself in real space in dynamic, animated and sculptural forms of installation and movement."

    125th Birthday Celebration, Vision Corridor,

    Windsor, ON

    Selected to be part of Windsor's 125th Birthday Celebration, creating and running a silk screening workshop for the public, screen printing celebratory flags as an art-based event.


    May 20, 2017

    WAVES Festival 2016

    Windsor Sculpture Park


    Selected to be part of w.a.v.e.s. (Windsor's Artists, Visions, Energies & Sculptures) ..."two-day festival connecting communities through waves of art, culture and technology... along the Detroit River in the Windsor Sculpture Park."


    Monarch Kaleidescope (1&2) is a sculptural installation comprising several pieces: ink-jet printed opaque plastic Monarch butterflies attached to net sacks, hundred upon hundreds of butterflies fixed together creating large 3D Monarch droves or nests. These droves are attached in trees, illuminating and lighting up a hinted ascension, movement or unrest. This sculpture mimics the cycle that occurs in August-September at Point-Pelee where what used to be thousands of Monarchs begin their migration to Mexico. Windsor, being a unique spot for the Monarch migration, is directly related to the recent decline in numbers that affect both our ecology and agriculture. Bringing awareness of not only their plight, but also their regional importance is key. The materiality of the plastic is utilized for both it’s illuminating transparent quality that will glow and undulate, but also provides a biotech futuristic feel that if monarch butterflies cease to exist, plastic droves are a suggested possible future...

    ... Researchers believe that these monarchs collect together in clusters because they’re “attracted to the same conditions that exist in a particular spot, or, they benefit from being in a group” (United States Forest Services). Spiritually, butterflies are known to be a sign of the soul or life and for many different religions, butterflies represent resurrection or rebirth. Windsor being a place of revival is ultimately mirrored in that of the butterfly, a cyclical nature with an underlying potential for renewal/transformation. Lastly, this sculpture acts as a celebration of the playful nature of the butterfly and a joyfulness of being.


    September 30 & October 1, 2016

    Canadian Sculpture Centre,

    Sculptors Society of Canada

    Toronto ON

    Selected to be part of the 20th Annual Juried Graduating Sculpture Student Exhibition alongside 16 other graduating Sculptors across Canada.


    June 11- July 3, 2015 - Toronto, ON, Canada

    WAVES Festival 2014

    Windsor Sculpture Park


    SOMA, A Collaborative Art Group Consisting of Chelsea Greenwell and Nicolas de Cosson, were selected to show their sculpture, Innate, as part of Windsor's Artists, Visions, Energies & Sculptures Festival.

    September 26 & 27, 2014

    Propeller Gallery &

    !dea Gallery -

    Ontario Science Centre

    Toronto, ON

    Vivo Bovum, a collaborative work between Chelsea Greenwell and Amy Rae, chosen to be part of Occam's Razor. Art, Science & Aesthetics, a dual-gallery exhibition.


    April 2 - June 1, 2014

    Windsor Centre for Film, Digital Media & the Creative Arts

    Windsor, ON

    Selected to be part of the First Annual Windsor Youth Film Festival during National Youth Arts Week, Honouring 18 Local Youth Artists.


    May 6th, 2014

    !dea Gallery -

    Ontario Science Centre, Toronto, ON

    Selected to be part of BioArt: Contemporary Art and the Life Sciences alongside 12 other University of Windsor past and present BioArt Students.


    October 5, 2013 - February 2, 2014

    Fahrenheit Festival

    LaSalle, ON

    Seraphim, A Collaborative Sculpture by University of Windsor's Art in Public Spaces Class, as part of the 9th Fahrenheit Festival of Fire Sculpture at the Vollmer Complex.


    September 28. 2013

    SOVA Gallery

    Windsor, ON

    "It Must be a Very Real World Where You Are, Love George."

    SPREAD, SOVA Gallery, University of Windsor, ON.

    February 4-8, 2013